Lanji Ruixuan A770 16GB Graphics Card Now Available on the Market

Lanji has released its latest Ruixuan A770 Photon 16G OC graphics card, which is now available on the market for a price of 3199 yuan. This version of the A770 features 16GB of video memory, making it a powerful choice for those in need of a high-performance graphics card.

The A770 graphics card boasts a simple design, with a classic rectangular shape that lets the card return to its "box" essence. It also uses three fans and five heat pipes for efficient heat dissipation. In terms of performance, the A770 has 32 Xe cores, a GPU frequency of 2400MHz, and a bandwidth of 512GB/s. It also uses a dual 8-pin power supply and has a TBP power consumption of 285W.

For those interested in the A770, it's worth noting that Lanji also offers an 8GB version of the card, the A770 Photon 8G OC, which is available for a price of 2699 yuan. Both versions offer strong performance and are sure to meet the needs of many users.

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