LG to Introduce AI-Powered Home Appliances with Sleep Monitoring and Response Functionality

LG is partnering with Asleep, a South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) sleep technology start-up, to develop smart home appliances that can detect when users fall asleep and adjust accordingly. Asleep's AI technology uses devices with microphones, such as smart TVs and smartphones, to track the four sleep stages based on the sound of the user's breathing. LG plans to incorporate this technology into a range of products including TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers, and washing machines.

The appliances will be able to turn on or off and optimize settings based on whether the user is asleep or not. For example, LG's Whisen air conditioner will automatically adjust and optimize room temperature based on the sleep stage the user is in. The Aero Furniture air purifier can switch to sleep mode if it detects that the user is not awake.

This development will allow users to have a more comfortable sleep environment, as their home appliances will be able to adjust to their individual needs and preferences. It also represents a significant step forward in the use of AI in home appliances, as the technology will be able to gather and analyze data to improve the user experience.

In addition to their partnership with LG, Asleep will also be demonstrating their Sleeptrack API at the upcoming CES 2023 conference. This technology measures sleep and pass the information to other companies' products, allowing them to incorporate sleep tracking into their own offerings. Asleep will also be working with companies such as Amorepacific to develop beauty and wellness devices.

LG will also be at CES 2023, showcasing a range of new technologies, including a line of minimalist appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, and dishwashers that omit unnecessary buttons and decorative elements in favor of simplicity. These appliances will be software upgradeable, allowing users to add new features through the upgrade center in the LG ThinQ app. This move challenges the traditional idea of planned obsolescence and allows users to experience the feeling of getting a new appliance not just when they first bring it home, but throughout its lifespan.

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