Limin launches TL-B14W EXTREM 14CM performance-level air pressure fan

Limin has launched a new TL-B14W EXTREM 14CM performance-level wind pressure fan, which is based on the industrial-grade design of servers and is priced at 199 yuan.

Limin's new 14cm TL-B14W EXTREM fan has strong performance, with a speed of 2000 RPM, an air volume of 110.4CFM, and wind pressure of 3.02mm H 2 O . Officially, the fan is the first to update the dynamic balance dispensing 2.0 process to achieve XYZ three-dimensional dynamic balance correction; it adopts a triangular symmetrical back frame design, which increases the effective air outlet area by 23% and increases the structural compressive strength by 20%.

This fan uses Minebea double ball bearings, which have the characteristics of high life and low shaft noise, 100000hr trouble-free operation time, and the official 6-year warranty.

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