MINISFORUM mini console manufacturer Mega Electronics prepares for IPO

According to the official news from MINISFORUM, Shenzhen Meigao Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony with CITIC Securities and Shu Lun Pan Certified Public Accountants respectively in Shenzhen to formally sign the A-share IPO framework agreement of Meigao Electronics.

The full name of Minisforum is Shenzhen Meigao Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Founded in 2018, the company currently focuses on mini-computers, industry application terminals, and Internet of Things system solutions, and integrates R&D, production and sales; the company obtained licenses from AMD and Intel shortly after its establishment, and as a Core cooperation solution providers appear on AMD's official website. At present, the company has its own research and development engineering team of 80 people.

The manufacturer MINISFORUM has launched a lot of mini host products that have attracted wide attention in recent years. Its latest UM690 core display mini host has been listed on, equipped with an R9 6900HX processor, and the barebones 3049 yuan.

Not long ago, MINISFORUM launched its high-performance mini host HX99G, R9 6900HX + RX 6600M, priced at 5599 yuan.

Soon, MINISFORUM will also launch the new NAG6 mini host, 12th generation Core + RX 6600M configuration, the price of the Bank of China has not yet been announced.

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