MSI launched the new GM31 wireless mouse

The CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT wireless mouse is a new release from MSI that is perfect for players with small to medium-sized hands. It is made with the same lightweight material as its predecessor, the GM41, weighing in at just 73g. This mouse uses 2.4G radio frequency wireless technology and has a latency of only 1 millisecond, making it perfect for fast-paced gameplay.

In terms of battery life, the CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT mouse can last up to 110 hours when fully charged, ensuring that you won't have to stop and recharge in the middle of a long gaming session. It is available now on store shelves at a price of 399 yuan.

The MSI GM31 is a top-of-the-line wireless mouse designed for gaming enthusiasts. It features the original phase PAW-3311 optical sensor, which allows for a maximum sensitivity of 12000 DPI and 300 IPS. This ensures precise and accurate tracking, making it perfect for fast-paced gameplay.

The left and right buttons on the MSI GM31 are made with Omron micro-movements, which have a click life of more than 60 million times. This means that the buttons will remain responsive and reliable for an extended period of time.

The MSI GM31 is also lightweight, weighing just 73g, making it easy to handle for long gaming sessions. It has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, and it comes with a charging base, USB receiver, and FriXionFree USB Type-C to Type-A cable.

In addition, the MSI GM31 supports the MSI CENTER software, which allows users to customize settings such as RGB effects and macro keys. This gives players the ability to personalize their mouse to suit their specific gaming needs.

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