MSI showcases the new Triton X2 console

MSI released a video today showing the newly launched Triton X2 console. The host comes with a touch screen, and there are many ways to play. According to the official introduction, the touch screen of the Triton X2 console can display information such as temperature, load, and frame rate, adjust the volume, and switch performance modes. Cooperating with MSI gaming monitors, the parameters of some monitors can also be adjusted.

Configuration: This product can now be equipped with up to Intel Core i9-13900K CPU and the latest NVIDIA graphics card. 

Heat dissipation: Trinity X2 gaming mainframe adopts a 280 integrated water cooling system, which is more powerful in heat dissipation than 240 water cooling.

The Haihuangji X2 host is now on the market, and the i9-13900KF RTX4090 32GB DDR5 2TB SSD configuration is priced at 39,999 yuan.

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