SA Research: In Q3 2022, the Nordic smartphone market will be dominated by Samsung and Apple

According to a Strategy Analytics report, in Q3 2022, the smartphone market in the Nordic region will grow by 3% annually and 7% quarter-on-quarter. Together, Apple and Samsung continue to dominate.

During the quarter, Samsung phones accounted for 34 percent of sales in the Nordic region, while Apple's iPhone accounted for 27 percent, for a combined share of 61 percent. Their combined market share increased slightly by 1% compared to a year ago. Samsung leads in the four main markets Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Finland. Apple, on the other hand, leads a market where it managed to grow its smartphone count in the region by 25% in Q3 2022.

In the holiday season, the momentum of Apple’s iPhone is expected to further accelerate, with the new iPhone 14/Pro series flagships taking the lead. Whether Samsung can win new targets with its high-end foldable phones and Galaxy S series remains to be seen.

How will the high-end product portfolios of OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, and others respond to this entrenched competition? Newer vendors may need to find better ways to appeal to an advanced technology-savvy audience.

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