Samsung CES 2023 will showcase multiple innovative projects of C-Lab

Samsung is gearing up for CES 2023, where it will showcase a number of innovative projects developed by its C-Lab laboratory companies. From January 5th to 8th, visitors can see these exciting projects at Eureka Park in Las Vegas, USA. Samsung will be showcasing 4 projects from C-Lab Inside (intrapreneurship) and 8 projects from C-Lab Outside (startup acceleration).

The projects being showcased by Samsung C-Lab have been selected for their innovation, marketability, and completeness. These include Meta-Running, a metaverse learning platform; Porkamix, a metaverse interactive concert experience; Soom, a real-time feedback meditation experience; and Falette, a 3D digital transformation of home fabric products.

Samsung is hoping that its C-Lab startups will attract a global audience at CES 2023 and secure meetings with potential investors. The company is committed to supporting and nurturing the development of innovative projects and technologies, and CES 2023 will provide a valuable platform for these C-Lab startups to showcase their ideas to a wide audience.

In addition to the projects being showcased by C-Lab Inside, Samsung will also be presenting innovative projects from C-Lab Outside at CES 2023. These startups, which focus on areas such as robots and artificial intelligence, have received effective support from Samsung in the form of office space, expert guidance, digital marketing, and financial consulting. Some of the C-Lab Outside startups that will be showcased at CES 2023 include NdotLight, a web-based 3D design solution; NEUBILITY, a robot delivery service; 40FY, a digital mental health care application service; CELLICO, a micro-Bionic Eye; Plask, an AI and browser-based motion capture and animation editing tool; Wrn Technologies, a generative AI-based writing and content creation service; Catius, a conversational AI companion for children; and Erangtek, an improved call-quality IoT micro-repeater.

The success of Samsung's C-Lab start-up incubator has been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which awarded 22 innovation awards to C-Lab startups in November 2022, with an additional seven to be awarded in 2023. CES 2023 presents a great opportunity for these startups to showcase their innovative projects to a global audience and potentially secure meetings with potential investors. We can't wait to see what exciting projects and technologies Samsung C-Lab has in store for us at CES 2023.

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