Seven Artisans Yeshen 35mm F0.95 Lens Now Available with RF Mount

The Seven Artisans Yeshen 35mm F0.95 lens has recently added an RF mount, making it compatible with a wider range of cameras. The lens boasts a fast aperture of F0.95, which allows for improved performance in low-light situations and a shallow depth of field when shooting portraits. This effect is achieved through the use of 12-aperture blades.

In addition to its impressive aperture, the lens also features a nanocrystal coating and two ED glasses to reduce color aberrations and improve contrast. The RF mount 35mm F0.95 lens has a focal length equivalent to about 50mm and a minimum focusing distance of 0.37 meters. It has a weight of 369g, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

The Seven Artisans Yeshen 35mm F0.95 lens is a great addition to any photographer's toolkit. Its fast aperture and advanced coatings make it a versatile lens for a variety of shooting situations, and its RF mount compatibility allows for even more flexibility. And at a price of only 1399 yuan, it's a great value for the features it offers.

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