Shenzhen Tianma A's Wuhan Tianma G6 Project Reaches Design Capacity

Shenzhen Tianma A announced today that the Wuhan Tianma G6 (TM17) factory building has been converted to fixed assets in 2018. The company explained that it evaluates whether the production line has reached an intended usable state based on the requirements of the "Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises" and the application guidelines, as well as industry standards.

According to Shenzhen Tianma, the production line has the ability to reach its design capacity. This is good news for the company, as it means that the factory is operating at its full potential and is able to produce as much as it was designed to.

It's worth noting that the production line has not yet been transferred to fixed assets, but Shenzhen Tianma has confidence in its ability to reach its design capacity. This suggests that the company is making progress in getting the factory up and running, and is confident in its future operations.

Shenzhen Tianma A has announced that the Wuhan Tianma G6 project is now capable of reaching its designed production capacity. However, the company noted that the project is still in the process of improving its comprehensive yield rate and that it will continue to debug the equipment, detect problems, and troubleshoot according to the trial production situation in order to bring the production line to its intended use state. The transfer of the production line to fixed assets will be determined based on its actual operation status.

According to financial reports, Shenzhen Tianma A saw revenue of 24.213 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year, a 4.49% year-on-year decrease. Its net profit for shareholders of listed companies was 362 million yuan, a 28.74% year-on-year decrease.

In October of this year, Shenzhen Tianma announced the construction of several important R&D and mass production line projects, including a vehicle display R&D center in Wuhu, an 8.6th generation panel production line in Xiamen (TM19), a new display module production line in Wuhu (TM20), and a full-process Micro-LED test line in Xiamen. These projects are progressing smoothly as scheduled.

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