Stan Semiconductor exhibited the first 0.18-inch single-screen full-color Micro-LED screen

The completion ceremony of Xiamen Stan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and the Micro-LED small seminar was held recently. "Stan Semiconductor" is the chip design base for Stan Technology to invest in the first phase of the Micro-LED mass production line in Xiamen. A complete closed loop of LED from design to tape-out, from pilot test to mass production.

Stan Technology also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wingtech Technology, Longli Technology, Sunny Optical, and Nader Optical.

Stan Semiconductor’s research and development achievements in recent years include green, blue, and red monochrome Micro-LED display modules with a screen size of 0.13-0.7 inches and up to 10,000 PPI, single-green Micro-LED AR glasses, Micro - More than ten exhibits including LED car HUD.

Its first 0.18-inch Micro-LED single-screen full-color display module and its Micro-LED single-screen full-color AR glasses solution equipped with this specification module were exhibited at the ceremony. Compared with the existing prototype products on the market, this AR glasses solution can increase the field of view by nearly 40% when equipped with the same optical machine, and the screen brightness can reach more than 10,000 nits. It is also the single-screen full-color product currently on the market. The highest brightness level was achieved.

In the past, Stan Technology has fully run through the technical route in the pilot test line and realized small batch shipments to downstream customers. Yield rate and reliability are further improved to fully meet the application needs of downstream customers, aiming at mass production and commercialization.

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