TEAMGROUP Introduces T-CREATE EXPERT and CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memories and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory

TEAMGROUP’s creator series T-CREATE launches three DDR5 memory products: T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop Memory, T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memory, and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory, comprehensively tailored for creators’ demands. Equipped with a variety of frequency specifications from 5,200 to 6,400MHz and a maximum storage capacity of 32GB per module, the newly launched products offer a smooth experience for creators working on 4K/8K ultra-high-resolution video editing, professional 3D illustration software, and system, as well as multitasking on their desktop computers and laptops.

Specifically built for heavy and complicated processing needs, T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop Memory comes in ultra-high frequency options of 6,400MHz and 6,000MHz. Paired with low latency specifications, it features unprecedentedly exceptional performance and robust stability to fully support the complex operations and computing demands in professional 3D rendering and long-form super-high resolution video editing. Creators can ensure authenticity and optimal quality in each frame.

Meanwhile, the T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memory comes in 6,000MHz and 5,600MHz specifications, and CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory offers frequencies in 5,600MHz and 5,200MHz, allowing creators to fully accelerate their creative experience on desktop computers, laptops, mini PCs, and advanced multi-core workstation laptop memory expansion. Drastically reducing the waiting time for file transfer, they are the best tool tailored for creative multitasking in professional video editing, image processing, and visual design.

To address the heat generated from high-speed processing, EXPERT and CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memories adopt a one-piece porous anodized aluminum alloy plate for heat dissipation and professional thermal silicone for rapid temperature reduction. Meanwhile, CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory is made of ultra-thin graphene-metal composite material, offering the best heat transfer solution for small installation spaces. All three new DDR5 products are equipped with a 10-layer board, customized high-temperature resistant capacitor, and strictly selected high-quality IC. The system is able to operate stably on heavy computing tasks during the creative process, ensuring peace of mind for creators.

T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Desktop Memory, T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Desktop Memory, and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 Laptop Memory are available in capacity options of 2x16GB and 2x32GB to meet the varying needs of creators. For consumers in Northern America, they will be available on Amazon in early February 2023. Stay tuned to the latest news released by all TEAMGROUP sales channels for detailed retail information.

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