Tecno Phantom V Fold: Transsion's First Foldable Phone Receives Bluetooth Certification

Transsion, a well-known mobile phone manufacturer, has recently announced the development of its first foldable screen mobile phone. The device, named the Tecno Phantom V Fold, has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG, with the certified model being AD10. The Tecno Phantom V Fold is set to support Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, making it one of the first devices to utilize the latest version of Bluetooth technology. This means that users can expect faster and more stable connections when using the foldable phone.

It is unclear at this point what other features the Tecno Phantom V Fold will offer, but with Transsion's track record of producing high-quality mobile devices, it is likely that the foldable phone will be a competitive player in the market.

The release date and pricing for the Tecno Phantom V Fold have not yet been announced, but with its Bluetooth certification now complete, it seems that Transsion is one step closer to bringing this innovative device to consumers. Keep an eye out for more information on the Tecno Phantom V Fold in the near future.

In addition to its recent Bluetooth certification, the Tecno Phantom V Fold is also generating buzz as it is rumored to be the cheapest foldable phone on the market. This is an exciting development for those who have been interested in owning a foldable phone but have been deterred by the high price point of many currently available models.

Transsion Holdings, the parent company of Tecno, has a strong presence in the African and South Asian markets. In Africa, the company holds a market share of over 40% and is the top smartphone brand. In South Asia, Tecno is the top brand in Pakistan and Bangladesh, with a market share of 36.8% and 19.7%, respectively. In India, the brand holds a market share of 6.9%, making it the sixth most popular smartphone brand.

Unfortunately, no further information about the Tecno Phantom V Fold has been disclosed at this time. We will have to wait for further updates from Transsion to learn more about this highly anticipated foldable phone.

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