Tianke Heda released a new 8-inch silicon carbide substrate product

Beijing Tianke Heda Semiconductor recently released a new product of an 8-inch conductive silicon carbide substrate. The company introduced the key technical parameters of the new "8-inch conductive silicon carbide substrate product and announced that it will achieve small-scale mass production of 8-inch conductive silicon carbide substrates in 2023.

In 2021, the production capacity of 6-inch series products in Xuzhou Tianke Heda production base will reach first place in the country. Currently, the 6-inch production capacity of the Beijing Daxing headquarters base is continuing to break through.

Tianke Heda is a leading enterprise in the field of silicon carbide substrates in China and has been continuously breaking through the key core technologies for the preparation of larger-sized and higher-quality silicon carbide substrates.

The indicators are announced as follows:

8-inch silicon carbide crystal (diameter up to 209mm) and the appearance of the wafer

Raman spectroscopy test data shows that 100% of the 8-inch silicon carbide substrate is in the 4H crystal form 

XRD three-point rocking curve data show that the full width at half maximum is less than 20 arcsec

The dislocation defect density test results show that EPD<4000 per square centimeter, TSD<100 per square centimeter, BPD<200 per square centimeter, and the overall dislocation density is at the leading international level

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