Tianma Introduces Revolutionary 15.46-Inch T-Shaped Car Display Screen with High Resolution and 10-Point Touch

Tianma, a company specializing in display technology, has just announced the release of their first 15.46-inch T-shaped car display screen. This screen boasts a high resolution of 2000*2000 and features 10-point touch technology, making it both visually appealing and highly functional.

One of the standout features of this screen is its ability to deform into both a vertical and horizontal shape. The deformation rate of this screen is an impressive 50%, making it the first LTPS vehicle display to achieve this level of deformation. This T-shaped design is meant to fit seamlessly into the layout of a car's central control display and button console, making it practical and convenient for use in vehicles.

In addition to its impressive deformation capabilities, this screen is also integrated with TED-embedded touch technology, making it highly sensitive to touch and thinner and lighter overall. This technology makes it easier to use and navigate, while also adding a futuristic feel to the car's interior.

Tianma's 15.46-inch T-shaped car display screen is a promising development in the world of automotive technology. Its high resolution, touch capabilities, and deformation capabilities make it a valuable addition to any vehicle.

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