TP-LINK GE800 Wi-Fi 7 Router Coming Soon

TP-LINK is set to release its latest router, the GE800 (BE19000) Wi-Fi 7 router, which boasts impressive features for both gaming and security. The router supports tri-band 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6G Hz, with a speed of up to 19 Gbps. Its dual 10 Gbps and dual 2.5 Gbps ports make it capable of handling multiple devices at once without any lag.

In addition to its impressive speed, the GE800 (BE19000) also has a number of game acceleration functions to ensure that your network can keep up with your gaming needs. Its design includes a transmitter platform to optimize the antenna layout, and it comes with a dedicated game panel to view real-time game statistics.

For those concerned about security, the GE800 (BE19000) also includes TP-Link's HomeShield function, which helps to enhance security against the latest cyber threats.

Although no official price or launch date has been announced by TP-LINK, the GE800 (BE19000) Wi-Fi 7 router looks to be a promising option for both gamers and those looking for a secure, high-speed router. Keep an eye out for more information on its availability.

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