TSMC: Arizona fab will produce 3nm chips in 2026

TSMC announced this evening that the Arizona wafer plant in the United States has begun construction of the second phase of the project, which is expected to begin production of 3nm process technology in 2026. The first phase of the project currently under construction is expected to start producing N4 process technology in 2024. The total investment of the two phases is about 40 billion US dollars, which is one of the largest investments in the history of Arizona.

TSMC said that in addition to the more than 10,000 construction personnel who assisted in the construction of the plant, the two phases of the Arizona fab project are expected to create an additional 10,000 high-paying high-tech jobs, including 4,500 directly employed by TSMC. After the completion of the two phases of the project, the total annual output will exceed 600,000 wafers, and the market value of end products is estimated to exceed 40 billion US dollars.

In order to comply with its commitment to green manufacturing, TSMC’s Arizona fab will also plan to build an industrial recycled water plant in the factory area. After completion, the fab will reach the goal of nearly zero liquid discharge.

Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC said, TSMC's Arizona wafer plant aims to become the most environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing plant in the United States after completion. It will use the most advanced semiconductor process technology to produce the next generation of high-performance and low-power computing products in the next few years. Will work hand in hand with partners in the US to be the cornerstone of semiconductor innovation.

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