Viltrox Releases AF 75mm F1.2 Pro Lens for Fuji X-Mount on December 26

Viltrox has announced that its AF 75mm F1.2 Pro lens for Fuji X-mount will be released on December 26. This lens has an equivalent focal length of 112.5mm and is equipped with a manual aperture ring that can be adjusted by 1/3 stops. It also has an AF/MF focus mode lever on the side of the lens body. The official product map for this lens has been released, and the pre-sale price, as reported by Vietnamese e-commerce, is 10,500,000 VND, which is approximately 3056 yuan. This new lens is likely to be of interest to photographers who use Fuji X-mount cameras and are looking for a high-quality lens with a wide aperture and versatile focal length.

The Fuji X-mount has gained popularity in recent years, leading to the release of several lenses from various manufacturers, including Sigma, for this mount. While there are several lens options available for the Fuji X-mount, there is currently no 75mm F1.2 lens offered by the original Fuji factory. The closest focal length currently offered is the second generation XF56mmF1.2 R WR, which is priced at 6620 yuan.

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