Visionox Releases Flexible AMOLED Vehicle Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) Products

At the 2022 World Display Industry Conference, Visionox brought a flexible AMOLED vehicle-mounted human-machine interaction (HMI) integrated solution, demonstrating the application of flexible OLEDs in smart cockpits.

Vehicle display: Visionox has the ability to provide all-around solutions for materials, devices, modules, environmental adaptability, and reliability. Visionox's flexible AMOLED vehicle-mounted human-computer interaction (HMI) product this time uses AA bending with a bending radius of 3mm for seamless splicing. The system can drive three screens at the same time.

This solution can be used for onboard instrument information display and interactive display of central control navigation and intelligent driving assistance. The instrument, electronic rearview mirror, and central control are integrated into the vehicle display, which can not only realize the splicing of the gradient curvature of the vehicle display Display, but the rearview mirrors on both sides of the car body can also be canceled, and the image can be displayed on the vehicle display screen, which can not only increase the display area of ​​the rearview mirror but also reduce wind resistance.

The contrast ratio of AMOLED is much higher than that of traditional car display panels. In a dark environment, the low-brightness and high-contrast features of AMOLED can avoid blindness due to glare, and make drivers safer while protecting their eyes. AMOLED also has higher reliability and better environmental adaptability and can work normally in an environment of -40°C~85°C.

At present, Visionox has cooperated with several automobile brands to launch customized OLED vehicle display products. In the future, Visionox will continue to actively research and develop in the field of vehicle display, and launch a series of products such as multi-size, multi-form, integrated touch, and ultra-narrow bezel.

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