Western Companies Refuse to Supply Russian Baikal and Elbrus Processors to Russia

According to the head of the Ministry of Digital Development in Russia, Maksut Shadayev, Western companies have refused to supply Russian-made Baikal and Elbrus processors to Russia. Shadayev stated that these foreign contract manufacturers, who produce the processors based on documentation from the Russian Federation, have refused to fulfill orders and ship them already-released chips. This has led to a lower number of PCs and laptops based on these chips than originally planned.

Shadayev explained that this year, 15,000 PCs and 8,000 servers have been released on domestic chips, but the situation has changed due to the refusal of foreign companies to ship the Russian processors. He stated that intellectual rights and all documentation for the Elbrus and Baikal processors are Russian, but due to topological standards, there are no production facilities in Russia and they must be ordered from foreign factories.

It is worth noting that Baikal Electronics, JSC MCST, and JSC SPC Elvis have all fallen under US and EU sanctions since February 24th, and all companies must comply with these sanctions. The Elbrus and Baikal processors were previously produced by TSMC.

This news comes after Shadayev previously stated that VPNs have not taken root in Russia.

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