Xiaomi invests in self-driving chip developer Huixi Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

Hefei Huixi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has recently undergone industrial and commercial changes, and its shareholders have added Xiaomi-affiliated companies Hanxing Venture Capital Co., Ltd., FABULOUS JADE HOLDING LIMITED, and Beijing Guoqi Intelligent Networked Automobile Industry Investment Center ( limited partnership), etc., the total investment increased from RMB 13.75 million to about RMB 19.56 million, an increase of about 42%.

Hefei Huixi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2022. The legal representative is Xu Ningyi. The business scope includes artificial intelligence application software development; artificial intelligence basic resources and technology platforms; integrated circuit chip design and services.

Huixi Intelligent is a developer of large computing power chips for autonomous driving. Its co-founder Zhang Jianyong previously served as the assistant vice president of autonomous driving for NIO.

In August 2022, Xiaomi demonstrated its autonomous driving technology algorithm and the ability to cover all scenarios. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's autonomous driving technology adopts a full-stack self-developed technology layout strategy, and the project has achieved more than expected progress. The goal is to enter the first camp of autonomous driving in 2024. Xiaomi invested 3.3 billion yuan in research and development in the field of autonomous driving in the first phase and established a top-level research and development team with a scale of over 500 people. Long-term industrial layout.

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