Youbo Terminal's RobanTrust OS Passes OpenHarmony Compatibility Evaluation and Receives Ecological Product Certificate

The RobanTrust OS software release version of Youbo Terminal has been recognized for its compatibility with OpenHarmony's V3.1.1 release version. This achievement is a testament to the software's ability to work seamlessly with OpenHarmony devices, which will help to realize diverse scene applications.

The Youbo Terminal is a self-developed hardware product that will be integrated with the RobanTrust OS software release version to form a complete solution. This integration will allow OpenHarmony devices to be utilized in a variety of different settings and applications.

The OpenHarmony Ecological Product Compatibility Certificate is a testament to the RobanTrust OS software release version's ability to meet the standards set by OpenHarmony. This certificate is a valuable addition to the software's credentials, as it demonstrates its compatibility with OpenHarmony devices and its potential to be used in a range of different environments.

The latest release of the RobanTrust OS for the UBo Terminal is based on the OpenHarmony standard system and integrates various display technologies such as LVDS, MIPI, EDP, and HDMI. This allows for the creation of new and innovative product forms and experiences using the software. Additionally, the use of distributed operating systems enables a seamless connection between multiple devices, creating a "super terminal" that can be used in a variety of different settings.

The RobanTrust OS release version also includes targeted enhancements in system architecture, data storage, and application protection. This makes it easy for users to focus on their business needs and quickly establish a secure and reliable connection with the cloud through the use of the SDK. Remote updates are also supported, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date and functioning at its best.

To further ensure the stability and reliability of the system, the RobanTrust team has developed an automated tool for testing the stability of the OpenHarmony system and industry applications. This tool simulates user usage scenarios and conducts stress tests to ensure the system can withstand real-world conditions.

The "Luban lock" structure used in the U-Bo terminal is a unique feature that adds an extra layer of security and stability to the device. This three-dimensional structure is highly resistant to tampering and ensures that the device remains stable and reliable under a variety of different conditions.

The use of the "Luban lock" structure is a testament to the excellent research and development technology of the U-Bo terminal. It demonstrates the company's commitment to creating modern open-source methods and contributing to the growth of the local open-source industry.

The latest release of the RobanTrust OS software for the Youbo Terminal is version V1.0, which is based on OpenHarmony3.1.1-Release. It integrates the AI-enhanced subsystems of the Youbo Terminal, including Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Onnx, Rknn, and a python Golang environment. In addition, it includes a performance optimization subsystem and UBO terminal extension apps such as TTS, OTA, file manager, and a Chinese input method.

This release of the RobanTrust OS is compatible with a variety of device development boards in the OpenHarmony community and is designed to accelerate the commercial implementation of the OpenHarmony system in industries such as consumption, finance, energy, and industrial manufacturing. Its ability to support the localization deployment of all walks of life makes it a valuable tool for businesses and organizations with high computing power and complex requirements.

To date, four OpenHarmony ecological products from Youbo Terminal have successfully passed compatibility evaluations and received four certificates in total. These certificates cover three development board certificates and one software distribution certificate, demonstrating the company's capabilities in both software and hardware development.

Youbo Terminal is a leading innovator in the application of OpenHarmony solutions, with a focus on consumer electronics and expertise in the entire software development chain for mobile phones, smart hardware, and Hongmeng Ecology. The company has full-stack capabilities for software adaptation, operating system development, and custom industry solutions, and its products are used in a variety of industries including smart property, smart industry, financial industry, and public security.

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