ZT925 Electronic Payment Password Keyboard Device Released with OpenHarmony 3.1 System

Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics has announced the release of its payment password keyboard device, the ZT925, which runs on the OpenAtom OpenHarmony 3.1 system. The device has passed the compatibility evaluation for the OpenHarmony 3.1 release version and has been awarded the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificate. The ZT925 can be paired with different master devices using OpenHarmony's distributed soft bus technology, allowing it to adapt to a variety of different application scenarios. This device is a significant addition to the OpenHarmony ecosystem, as it adds support for financial payment scenarios.

The ZT925 electronic payment password keyboard device is a secure payment solution that includes financial components such as a password keyboard and a contactless card reader. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the main device, providing financial payment functions to the main device. By using the OpenHarmony 3.1 Release system, the ZT925 has its own distributed networking capabilities, allowing it to automatically discover and connect to the main device, as well as complete identity authentication. This allows the main device to expand its financial payment capabilities. In addition, the ZT925 is a minimal suite that is easy to use and provides a secure payment experience for users.

When both the ZT925 and the main device are powered on, they form a star-shaped network with a stable topology based on their preset policies. During a financial payment transaction, the user handles the business on the main device, while the ZT925 is in a standby state. When the transaction information is transferred from the main device to the ZT925 using OpenHarmony soft bus technology, the ZT925's indicator light begins to flash, indicating that it is ready for financial business processing. The user can then swipe their card and input their password on the ZT925 to complete the payment transaction. This process allows for seamless payment transactions through the remote linkage between the main device and the ZT925.

The new ZT925 electronic payment password keyboard device separates payment-related security components from general components, allowing it to be more tailored to specific application scenarios and improving its overall portability. This division of labor allows for specialized security payment manufacturers to focus on developing secure components, while industry manufacturers can focus on creating a seamless user experience with general components. By combining these components through specified strategies, merchants can create a super terminal that improves both payment experience and security. Additionally, the use of the OpenHarmony soft bus technology allows terminal equipment manufacturers to easily update the operating system of their devices, as they only need to undergo differentiated security certification. This allows for quick iteration of industry equipment, improving efficiency and security.

Traditionally, financial terminals have used core boards and extended backplanes to combine security components such as PIN pads with common components like display screens and cameras. However, this method does not effectively meet the needs of the diverse and fragmented industry. Any changes to the terminal often require replacing the entire machine. The new ZT925 electronic payment password keyboard device separates financial components like PIN pads and card readers into independent payment security suites, allowing for more flexibility and customization. By using the OpenHarmony soft bus technology and pairing it with different main devices, the ZT925 is able to jointly provide financial services and support the growth of financial services in various industries.

Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics has implemented the use of OpenHarmony soft bus technology on financial terminals in order to improve their practicality, reliability, security, and scalability. This allows for an increase in the business support capability and intelligence of financial terminals, meeting the needs of diverse industries. Additionally, Zhengtong Electronics has enhanced the OpenHarmony soft bus control technology by introducing customized networking strategies, improving the efficiency of financial terminal reconstruction. Overall, the incorporation of OpenHarmony technology on financial terminals has proven to be a successful strategy for improving their functionality and adaptability.

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