ZTE launches portable Wi-Fi F30

ZTE launched the first product of the Fly series of portable WiFi this week - F30, the single body is 139 yuan, and the initial price is 99 yuan. ZTE F30 is equipped with ZTE Micro V3T series self-developed chips. The size of the whole machine is about the same as that of a USB flash drive, and the weight is only 25g. It has built-in telecom and mobile dual cards, plug and play, and supports simultaneous connection of 10 devices. The uplink and downlink rates are 50Mbps / 150Mbps, and it only takes 3 minutes to download a high-definition movie.

Tariffs: It provides optional telecom 300G packages and mobile telecom dual-network 1500G packages. The monthly subscription prices are 69 yuan and 89 yuan respectively and can be recharged and managed through the WeChat public account. Users can subscribe for up to 24 months of packages, the two packages are 899 yuan and 999 yuan, known as 1G as low as 3 cents.

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