Apple's self-mixing sensor headset patent published

Apple has received a new patent for a "head-mounted electronic device with self-mixing sensor". The patent details a headset device that has various optical components, including cameras and optical modules, that are supported by a head-mounted housing. The optical modules contain both displays to show images and lenses to provide images to the eye. Additionally, the patent includes optical self-mixing sensors to monitor changes in the position of the optical components.

The optical components in the headset may include cameras, movable optical modules, and other parts. Each optical module includes a display and a lens to deliver images to the corresponding eye frame. The device also has optical self-mixing sensors that can measure changes in the position of optical components. In the event of a change in the position of an optical component, an actuator in the device will adjust the component or take other action to compensate for the change.

Development Progress of AR/MR Headsets

TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently noted that the progress of the development of Apple's AR/MR headsets is lagging behind due to issues with the drop test of mechanical components and software development tools that have been delayed. This may result in a delay in the mass shipment of the product, which was originally scheduled for the second quarter of 2023 and has now been postponed to the end of the second quarter or third quarter of 2023.

Optical lens supplier GSEO plans to begin shipping lens modules for Apple's upcoming AR/VR headsets as soon as next month. This is in line with the expected release of the device later this year.

The self-mixing sensor headset patent received by Apple showcases the company's continued investment in the development of AR/MR technology. Despite setbacks in the development process, the company appears to be moving forward with the release of its headset, with key components such as the lens modules set to begin shipping soon. Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of Apple's AR/MR headset.

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