Arch Linux 2023.01.01 ISO Image Released with Linux Kernel 6.1

Arch Linux has released its latest version, 2023.01.01, for users looking to deploy the operating system on new computers, upgrade their existing systems, or simply reinstall and repair the system. This new ISO release is particularly notable because it marks the first time that Arch Linux has used the Linux 6.1 kernel series in its ISO releases.

The inclusion of the Linux 6.1 kernel in this release is sure to be welcomed by users, as it offers improved hardware support compared to previous kernel versions. This is especially useful for those who may be using older or less common hardware, which may not be fully supported by earlier kernel releases.

While the latest Linux 6.1.2 kernel version is still being tested in the Arch Linux repositories, the new ISO release comes with Linux kernel 6.1.1 as the default. Existing users of Arch Linux will be able to access the Linux 6.1 kernel on December 22, 2022, once it becomes available in the repositories.

In addition to the new Linux 6.1 kernel, Arch Linux 2023.01.01 also includes updates to the archinstall installer. This latest version, 2.5.2, brings various fixes and improvements to the installation process. For example, it addresses issues with fast block devices like NVMe drives, as well as bugs related to the UTF-8 locale and the en_US.UTF-8 time zone.

Users who are looking to deploy Arch Linux on a new computer or reinstall an existing system can download the new ISO release from the official website. Those who are already using Arch Linux can simply run the sudo pacman -Syu command in their terminal emulator app to keep their installation up to date. This is made possible by Arch Linux's rolling release model, which allows users to install the operating system once and receive updates for a long period of time.

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