ASRock launches Z690 D4ID-2T ITX small board with special shape

ASRock Rack has released a new small motherboard that is perfect for building compact servers, NAS systems, and soft routers. The Z690D4ID-2T/G5/X550 is a Deep Mini-ITX board that supports both the 13th and 12th generation Intel Core processors, as well as Pentium and Celeron processors. It is powered by a 7-phase IR server-level power supply and is officially recommended for use with a 125W TDP processor.

One of the standout features of this motherboard is its unique shape, which includes dual 10G Ethernet ports. This makes it ideal for use in high-speed networking applications, as it can provide faster data transfer speeds and lower latency compared to traditional Ethernet ports.

In addition to its dual 10G Ethernet ports, the ASRock Rack Z690D4ID-2T/G5/X550 also has a range of other interfaces to support a wide range of applications. It is equipped with a Gigabit LAN port for remote management, as well as HDMI, VGA, and dual USB 3.2-A interfaces. There is also a dedicated IPMI interface for remote server management and monitoring.

In terms of memory and expansion capabilities, the ASRock Rack Z690D4ID-2T/G5/X550 is well-equipped to support a wide range of applications. It has four DDR5 memory slots that support a maximum of 32GB of 4400MT/s memory, providing plenty of memory capacity for even the most demanding applications.

The motherboard also has a PCIe 5.0 (x16) slot for expansion, as well as dual M.2 2280 (PCIe 4.0×4) interfaces for adding additional storage. There are also OCuLink (PCIe 4.0x4, SATA 3.0×4, PCIe 3.0x4) interfaces for further expansion options.

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