AYANEO Launches New AIR Plus Handheld with R7 6800U Processor and 6-inch 1080p Screen

AYANEO has announced the release of their new AIR Plus handheld device, which boasts an optional R7 6800U processor and a 6-inch 1080p screen. The company claims that the AIR Plus is currently the smallest handheld device to feature the R7 6800U processor, making it an attractive option for users looking for powerful performance in a compact package.

Processor and Graphics Performance

The R7 6800U processor in the AIR Plus is capable of releasing up to 28W of power, providing users with a significant boost in performance compared to other handheld devices on the market. Additionally, the device can further increase its graphics performance through the use of a graphics card expansion dock.

Design and Features

The AIR Plus also features a Hall rocker and Hall trigger, as well as an X-axis linear motor, allowing for precise movement and control. In addition, the device is equipped with a fingerprint recognition feature for added security and convenience. With a battery capacity of 46.2Wh, users can expect the AIR Plus to provide long battery life.

The device also supports a USB4 interface and alternative processor options include Intel i3-1215U and AMD Mendocino (7020 series) processors.


The AYANEO AIR Plus handheld is expected to be released and launched in the coming year, providing users with a powerful and compact option for their mobile computing needs.

In conclusion, AYANEO’s new AIR Plus handheld device is the smallest R7 6800U handheld, equipped with a 6-inch 1080p screen, and a host of other features designed to provide users with a powerful and portable computing experience. With the option of alternative processors, this device is expected to be a popular choice among consumers looking for a powerful and compact device.

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