German Bionic Launches Apogee Exoskeleton and Smart SafetyVest for Improved Workplace Safety and Ergonomics

German Bionic, a leading bionics company based in Germany, has just unveiled its latest exoskeleton equipment, Apogee, at CES 2023. This innovative power suit is designed for commercial and industrial use and is the company's lightest exoskeleton to date.

One of the standout features of Apogee is its ability to offset up to 30kg of load on the user's lower back with each lift. This means that workers who need to lift heavy objects on a regular basis will be able to do so with less strain on their bodies. Additionally, Apogee provides active walking assistance to reduce fatigue, making it easier for users to stay on their feet for long periods of time.

In addition to Apogee, German Bionic also unveiled the Smart SafetyVest at CES 2023. This innovative vest is designed to monitor users and remind them to follow ergonomics, ensuring that they are working in a safe and comfortable manner. The Smart SafetyVest is a great addition to Apogee, as it helps to protect workers from injury while they are using the exoskeleton equipment.

While Apogee is designed to assist users in lifting heavy objects, the Smart SafetyVest will not assist in this aspect. Instead, the vest is designed to monitor the wearer's movements and body posture as they work, providing personalized ergonomic insights and recommendations to help improve safety and comfort.

Both Apogee and Smart SafetyVest utilize German Bionic's bionic IO architecture to collect, monitor, and analyze user ergonomic data. If the user makes an unsafe action, the vest will send out a warning through its onboard display and sound. This helps to ensure that workers are following proper ergonomics and avoiding potential injuries.

Norma Steller, Chief Product Officer at German Bionic, stated that these new wearable devices provide workers with the tools they need to perform their jobs safely and sustainably, and also provide powerful analytical tools for workplace ergonomics and processes. It is clear that German Bionic is committed to improving the safety and comfort of workers through the use of innovative technology.

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