Honor Magic 3 Series Launches MagicOS 7.0 Upgrade

Huawei's sub-brand Honor has launched the official version upgrade of its Magic 3 series, MagicOS 7.0. The new version, which supports the upgrade from version to, has also been pushed to test users who upgraded to

Compatible models for the upgrade include the Honor Magic3 ELZ-AN00, Honor Magic3 Pro ELZ-AN10, and Honor Magic3 Supreme Edition ELZ-AN20. The upgrade process can be done through two methods, either through the My Glory App or Glory Club App, by following the steps outlined in the article.

  • Version Update Log: to
  • Application Continuation: The latest version features a three-finger swipe global collection that allows users to save webpages and video excerpts to the note application quickly. The feature can be adjusted or turned off in the settings.
  • Camera: The camera shooting effect of some scenes has been optimized.
  • Safety: The new version also includes the Android December 2022 security patch to enhance system security. ( to
  • Smart Internet: The MagicOS 7.0 upgrade brings key and mouse sharing, notification sharing, call sharing, and app continuation, which allow users to switch freely between keyboard and mouse between mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The upgrade also supports the continued use of some editing, browsing, and audio-visual entertainment applications between multiple devices.
  • Smart Service: YOYO Suggestions and Card Collection, YOYO Suggestions App, and Glory Search are new features that provide users with quick payment and check-in services and movie ticket reminders. Mobile search has been changed from Smart Search to Glory Search.
  • Smooth Experience: AI technology has enabled the three major engines to intelligently allocate system resources, making the phone smoother and more efficient.
  • Privacy Security: The latest version includes a Privacy Monthly Report that provides users with a privacy rating and a regular monthly report on privacy security status, including application security detection, application permission granting, and application abnormal behavior. Service Accurately Finding People is a feature that accurately identifies the owner of a device by face, protecting user privacy.
  • Personalized OS: The MagicOS 7.0 upgrade also includes font adjustment, wonderful moments, and accessibility experience features. Users can now adjust font thickness, create and share social media material, and enjoy easier operation with accessibility features like Crowd Care, Smart Photoshoot, and SMS voice broadcast.
  • Notes Before Upgrading: Before upgrading, it is recommended to enable the user experience improvement plan switch, back up important data, and check for compatibility with third-party applications. Some third-party applications may not work normally after the update, and it is recommended to update the application to the latest version or provide feedback to Honor if necessary.

The Honor Magic 3 series' MagicOS 7.0 upgrade brings users a smoother, more efficient, and more personalized experience. With new features like Smart Internet, Smart Service, Smooth Experience, Privacy Security, and Personalized OS, users can enjoy a more integrated and secure experience across multiple devices.

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