Lenovo's new Xiaoxin Pro notebook will be release in February

February 2023 marks the release of Lenovo's new Xiaoxin Pro notebook, a device that promises to take the computing world by storm. The 2023 series is equipped with the latest 13th-generation Core H-series processors, which deliver a powerful 65W performance release. With this latest addition to Lenovo's lineup, the company is set to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-growing world of technology.

Compared to its previous generation, the new Xiaoxin Pro notebook has seen a significant improvement in performance. The i5-13500H processor can now achieve a 65W performance release, which is 26% higher than the i5-12500H performance release of the previous generation's 50W performance. This means that users can expect a smoother and more efficient computing experience.

In addition, the 3DMark FireStrike running score of the new i5-13500H has increased by 14.4, the video export speed has increased by 18.4%, and the performance of "CS: GO" has increased by 27.3%. This increase in performance is sure to delight gamers and professionals alike, who require their devices to perform at their best.

The Xiaoxin Pro 2023 series notebooks come in two sizes, 14 inches, and 16 inches. The 14-inch version is equipped with a 2.8K (2880 x 1800) 120 Hz screen, while the 16-inch has a 2.5K (2560 x 1600) 120 Hz screen. With these high-resolution displays, users can expect a sharp and vibrant viewing experience, perfect for both work and play.

The Xiaoxin Pro 2023 series notebooks use a 140W USB-C interface, which is the Lenovo magic modification protocol. To make use of this interface, the device needs to be used with Lenovo's own 140W power adapter. This new interface is set to offer faster charging times and improved power delivery, allowing users to stay connected and productive for longer.

The performance release of the Xiaoxin Pro 2023 series notebooks has been further improved. The performance release of the Pro 16 independent display version is as high as about 115W, and the performance release of the Pro 14 independent display version is as high as about 80W. This increased performance release will allow the device to handle even the most demanding of tasks with ease.

The first batch of Xiaoxin Pro 2023 series notebooks on the market will be equipped with the 13th-generation Core processors and a graphics card that can be configured with RTX 4050. This graphics card promises to deliver stunning visuals and improved performance, perfect for gamers and creative professionals alike.

Lenovo's latest addition to its lineup, the Xiaoxin Pro notebook, is set to shake up the computing world with its powerful performance, stunning displays, and improved connectivity. The company has once again proved that it is at the forefront of innovation and technology. The release of the Xiaoxin Pro notebook is sure to delight users who are looking for a device that can keep up with their demanding needs.

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