Nvidia launches 64bit wide version of RTX 3050 notebook GPU to replace RTX 2050

Nvidia has launched a new version of its RTX 3050 notebook GPU, which will replace the RTX 2050. The new GPU has been cut down to 64bit and will be featured in LG's 2023 gram series notebooks, which are now available on JD.com.

According to Nvidia's official website, the RTX 3050 notebook GPU is expected to have three different models: 2048 CUDA 4GB 64bit, 2048 CUDA 4GB 128bit, and 2560 CUDA 6GB 96bit. The GPU has been designed to be used in the next generation of thin and light notebooks, offering customers a variety of options to choose from.

In addition to the RTX 3050, Nvidia has also launched an RTX 4050 notebook GPU, which has a 6GB 96bit video memory. This means that the 2023 thin and light notebooks will have the following three GPU options, allowing customers to choose the best option for their needs.

  • RTX 3050, 2048 CUDA 4GB 64bit video memory
  • RTX 3050, 2560 CUDA 6GB 96bit video memory
  • RTX 4050, 2560 CUDA 6GB 96bit video memory

The original Nvidia RTX 3050 series notebook GPUs were 128-bit wide, but the new 64-bit version is expected to replace the RTX 2050. This means that the GPU will have a reduced bit width, which may impact its performance compared to the original 128-bit version. However, Nvidia has made other improvements to the GPU to ensure it still offers high-quality performance.

LG's 2023 gram series notebooks are the first to feature the new RTX 3050 GPU, and they are now available for purchase on JD.com. The new RTX 3050 GPU is designed for use in the next generation of thin and light notebooks, making it the perfect choice for those who require a powerful GPU for their laptop but don't want to compromise on portability.

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