Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Hands-on Videos and Live Images Appear Online

Samsung is all set to launch its latest smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy S23, on February 2, 2023. With the official release date just around the corner, multiple hands-on videos and live images of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 have begun to surface online, creating a buzz among tech enthusiasts.

Twitter User Dylan Xitton Posts Real Pictures and Hands-On Video

A Twitter user, Dylan Xitton, has posted several real pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra on the social media platform. Xitton has also shared a hands-on video of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, showcasing the phone's screen and design from various angles. In the video, the phone appears to be in a retail store, placed on the counter for customers to view and experience the device.

Phantom Black Version of Galaxy S23 Ultra

The pictures shared by Xitton show the Phantom Black version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone appears to be running in retail mode, displaying its features and capabilities to potential customers. The marketing materials displayed on the table alongside the phone reveal that it comes with a 6.8-inch QHD+ display, a 200-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, two 10-megapixel telephoto cameras, 256GB/512GB of storage, a 5000mAh battery, and support for S Pen.

First-Mover Program in China

Samsung has launched a first-mover program for the Galaxy S23 series in China, offering priority delivery rights to early adopters. Users who register and purchase the phone in advance will also receive a Samsung Star Diamond worth 88 yuan. The offer is only valid for users who purchase the phone through the Samsung Mall.

Live Pictures of Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 +, and Galaxy S23 Ultra by Ice Universe

The renowned tech leaker, Ice Universe, has also released live images of the Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 +, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The images provide a glimpse of the new smartphones, giving tech enthusiasts a sneak peek of what to expect from the latest addition to the Samsung smartphone family.

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