Semiconductor Operating Profit to Decrease for Samsung in 2023

Samsung has announced that it expects its operating profit from semiconductor sales to reach 13.1 trillion won (approximately 71.919 billion yuan) in 2023. This information was shared with Samsung employees in a note detailing their performance in 2022 and the potential bonuses they will receive in January.

Bonuses at Samsung are determined based on the surplus profits of each business unit and can be up to 20% of those profits. Individual employees can receive up to 50% of their annual salary as a bonus.

In addition to the expected operating profit for the semiconductor division, Samsung also shared the target profits and revenues for each business unit in 2023. This includes the Device Solutions division, which consists of the memory, logic, and foundry business units, with an expected operating profit of 13.1 trillion won.

If this goal is met, employees will be eligible for a bonus equivalent to 5% to 11% of their annual salary for 2023. These bonuses will be paid out in January 2024 as a way to reward and incentivize employees for their hard work and contributions to the company.

According to Samsung's recent announcement, employees have the potential to receive a bonus of up to 50% of their annual salary if they reach an annual operating profit of 28 trillion won (approximately 153.72 billion yuan). However, given the current state of the global memory chip market, it is unlikely that this goal will be achieved in the near future.

If Samsung's expectations for 2023 are realized, the company's semiconductor operating profit will be roughly half of what it was in 2022. Analysts predict that Samsung's semiconductor operating profit for 2022 will fall between 25 trillion won (approximately 137.25 billion yuan) and 26 trillion won (approximately 142.74 billion yuan).

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