Acer Chairman Shares Concerns about Slow Demand in Consumer Electronics Industry

Chen Junsheng, the Chairman of Acer, has expressed his concerns regarding the lack of demand for consumer electronics products. According to him, the situation in the first half of the year has not been very good. This lack of demand has not only affected Acer but the entire industry as well.

European Market Still Struggling to Recover

When asked about the European market, Chen Junsheng shared that the demand for consumer electronics products has not yet recovered. In the past, when the demand was good, orders would come by themselves. However, the situation now is different, and companies need to work harder to drive sales.

Acer's Destocking Near Completion

Acer has been working on destocking, which is nearing completion. The company is now focused on the end-market demand. The first half of the year has not been good, and it remains to be seen whether it can recover in the second half of the year.

Revenue Drops to Lowest in 35 Months

In January of this year, Acer's revenue dropped to approximately NT$13.633 billion, which is the lowest in 35 months. This decline can be attributed to the continuous correction of the PC industry and the impact of the Lunar New Year holiday.

PC Industry to Continue Experiencing the Impact of Declining Demand

Acer has previously stated that the PC industry will continue to experience the impact of declining demand in the next few months. However, the company's strategy of developing multiple business engines continues to show momentum. Non-PC and display businesses contributed 35.3% of total revenue in January.

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