Apple Launches Scientist Support Program to Advance Health Research

Technology giant Apple has launched a new program called the Researcher Support Program to assist scientists and researchers in their health research, specifically with a focus on heart health. Through this program, Apple will provide Apple Watch devices to researchers to help them make new discoveries that can ultimately improve health at scale.

Exploring Heart Health through Apple Watch

Apple Watch has become a popular tool for researchers to monitor and explore heart health. In a recent press release, Apple China discussed the various ways researchers are using the device, including monitoring atrial fibrillation in children and teens and measuring the heart health of firefighters. These studies aim to improve our understanding of heart health and identify potential opportunities for intervention.

Studying Atrial Fibrillation in Children and Teens

Dr. Conyers and her team at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Australia are using Apple Watch to study the sensitivity of the mobile ECG atrial fibrillation alert software in 40 children and adolescents. They will then explore ways to allow patients to record ECGs anytime, anywhere. These insights will help the team better understand cardiac toxicity and identify opportunities for intervention.

Measuring the Heart Health of Firefighters

Researchers from Texas A&M University and Stanford School of Medicine are also using Apple Watch to study the effects of wildfire smoke on heart health. They will equip up to 200 firefighters from Texas and California with the device during the upcoming wildfire season to better understand the impact of this hazardous work on firefighters' cardiovascular health.

Apple's Commitment to Health Research

Apple has been investing in health research for many years, and this latest program is part of the company's ongoing commitment to improving health outcomes. The Researcher Support Program is just one of the ways Apple is working to advance health research and innovation.

According to Dr. Blok, an associate professor of cardiology at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, "The Apple Watch is a widely used and reliable wearable consumer device, and we think it fits well into our research to help us understand how it can be applied to the larger health system."

Apple's support for health research through the Researcher Support Program is an important step in advancing our understanding of health and improving outcomes for individuals around the world.

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