Apple's 10/20/30/40 Anniversary Trophy: A Unique Reward for Senior Employees

Apple, one of the world's largest tech companies, recently revealed its special anniversary trophies designed for employees who have dedicated decades of their lives to the company. The awards were introduced in 2018 as a new program to recognize the extraordinary milestones of its senior employees.

The Award Program

According to documents obtained by foreign technology media 9to5Mac, the Anniversary Awards program is aimed at rewarding senior employees who have contributed significantly to Apple's success. The trophies are designed to reflect the longevity of employees' service and their outstanding contributions to the company.

The Awards Design and Production

The trophies were designed by Apple's industrial and manufacturing design teams, with the development process lasting for over two years. The awards are made of recycled aluminum and stainless steel, with a design that has been updated since the program was launched.

The 10th and 20th Anniversary Trophies

The trophies for the 10th and 20th anniversaries are made of recycled aluminum, the same material used for the Mac mini and MacBook Air. The trophies are made by casting 12-foot-long ingots and then cutting them into thin slices. The employee's name and anniversary are laser-etched on the right side of the award.

The 30th and 40th Anniversary Trophies

The trophies for the 30th and 40th anniversaries are made of solid stainless steel. One of the 30th-anniversary trophies has been lightened to weigh about 35 lbs, making it more manageable for recipients. The 30th and 40th Anniversary trophies are made in two parts, which are then seamlessly laser-welded together. The top and bottom are also seamlessly joined by a special color coating process.

The Production Process

Each trophy undergoes about 25 to 30 steps in the production process. This does not include the packaging process. The trophies are then sent to Apple employees with their names and anniversaries laser-etched onto the award.

The Fifth Anniversary Plaque

Employees who have served for five years receive a framed plaque autographed by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

A Reward for Apple's Most Loyal Employees

Apple's anniversary trophies serve as a special reward for the company's most loyal and long-serving employees. The awards recognize the dedication and hard work of Apple's senior employees, who have contributed significantly to the company's success.

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