Apple's HomePod Smart Speaker Malfunctioning

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is causing some trouble for users as multiple speakers are responding to Siri commands simultaneously. This malfunction has left users with confusion and frustration as the mutual communication function between Apple devices should not allow such a thing to occur.

Normal Operation

When a user commands Siri to perform a task, all devices that hear the request communicate with each other. One device, however, is granted priority, and it is this device that then responds to the request. The other devices are then notified not to respond, ensuring that only one device is activated.

Malfunctioning HomePods

Multiple users have reported that they have encountered multiple HomePods responding to Siri commands at the same time. This problem has been observed during various tasks, such as activating a HomeKit scene, setting an alarm, and more. In these instances, both HomePods have responded simultaneously, with one reporting success, and the other reporting failure.

The Cause of the Problem

It is not yet known why this failure occurred, but it has been reported that the problem is associated with the HomePod installed with the latest 16.3.2 firmware. Apple has not yet responded to this issue, and users are eagerly waiting for the tech giant to address this malfunction.

Users' Frustration

The malfunctioning HomePods have left users feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with Apple's product. Some have reported that they have spent hours troubleshooting, and others have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

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