ASUS Responds to Corrosion Problem in ROG Z690 Motherboard Water Cooling

ASUS, a leading global manufacturer of computer hardware, has responded to reports of serious quality problems with the VRM part of its ROG Z690 Formula motherboard's water cooling. The issue has been widely reported in recent weeks, with many users reporting significant corrosion problems. Partner EKWB has also issued a statement, citing incompatibility issues with the water-cooling structure.

The Problem Explained

Foreign media outlets have reported that the water-cooling structure used in the motherboard is mixed with two different metals: copper and aluminum. This combination is believed to cause electrochemical corrosion problems, leading to serious issues with the VRM part of the cooling system.

ASUS Responds

In response to these reports, ASUS officials in the US have taken to Facebook to address the issue. However, they did not provide a direct response to the problem with the VRM water-cooling structure. Instead, they have announced that the company will replace or fully refund any affected products.

ASUS has also confirmed that the CrossChill VRM thermal solution, which is used in the ROG Maximus Z690 Formula and was developed in collaboration with EK, uses a new electroless nickel plating. In some configurations, this plating may crack, causing galvanic corrosion in the radiator's waterways. Currently, this issue only affects the Maximus Z690 Formula.

What Users Should Do

ASUS has advised users who are affected by this issue to stop using the CrossChill III VRM solution for the Maximus Z690 Formula and to contact customer support in their region. The company is currently offering affected users a choice of two solutions: a full refund or a replacement.

ASUS has also stated that users who have never connected to the VRM water-cooled radiator should not experience clogging problems. Therefore, if a user's problem is not affected by this design flaw, they may not be eligible for a full refund or replacement.

However, it should be noted that since the motherboard of this model is still under warranty and hybrid heat dissipation is a key feature, as long as the user intends to install water cooling, they can continue to use it at any time, even if water cooling has not been installed for over a year.

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