Canon Launches New Wafer Measuring Machine MS-001 for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Canon, a leading imaging solutions provider, has announced the launch of its new wafer measuring machine, the MS-001, which is designed to enhance production efficiency in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The MS-001 is capable of providing higher precision alignment measurements than traditional semiconductor lithography machines, improving overall manufacturing efficiency.

Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex process that involves several stages, including lithography, etching, and deposition. In recent years, the semiconductor industry has seen a significant increase in the number of alignment measurement points required during the manufacturing process, which has led to a decrease in production efficiency. Alignment measurement is a time-consuming process, and performing this function on a large number of measurement points using a semiconductor lithography machine can significantly reduce the machine's productivity.

Wafer Measuring Machine: The Solution to Alignment Measurement

To address this problem, the semiconductor industry has introduced wafer measuring machines to separate the alignment measurement function of the semiconductor lithography machine. This separation ensures the high precision and efficiency of production. The MS-001 is Canon's contribution to this solution.

MS-001: High Precision Wafer Measuring Machine

Canon's new wafer measuring machine, the MS-001, is designed for high-precision alignment measurement of wafers. The machine is equipped with an alignment oscilloscope that has an area sensor capable of performing multi-pixel measurement and reducing noise during measurement. The machine can also measure various types of alignment marks.

Newly Developed Oscilloscope Light Source for Alignment

The MS-001 adopts a newly developed oscilloscope light source for alignment. This light source provides a wavelength range 1.5 times larger than that measured in semiconductor lithography equipment, enabling alignment measurement at any wavelength desired by the user. The result is higher alignment measurement accuracy than measurements performed in semiconductor lithography equipment.

Improved Productivity

According to Canon, the MS-001 can complete most of the alignment measurement before the wafer is transported to the semiconductor lithography equipment, reducing the workload of alignment measurement operations in the semiconductor lithography equipment. This reduction improves semiconductor lithography equipment productivity.

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