Cayin Launches DAP17 High-Fidelity Digital Audio Player

Cayin, a renowned audio equipment manufacturer, has recently launched its latest offering, the DAP17 high-fidelity digital audio player, which comes with a range of features for music enthusiasts.

Hi-Fi Scenes Can Be Built Freely

The DAP17 digital audio player supports free construction of Hi-Fi scenes, allowing users to use it with headphones for digital broadcast or with a decoder and power amplifier as a turntable. The device can also be paired with active speakers as a front end or with Cayin's high-end decoder DAC19 and high-fidelity tube CD player CDT-17AMK2 diamond version. Additionally, the DAP17 can be used with Cayin's high-end power amplifier A-805.

Customized Android Audio System

The DAP17 audio player features a deeply customized Android audio system that allows users to download and install music apps free of cost. The device also supports LAN shared browsing and playback and can quickly read music files when connected to NAS. The DAP17 supports playing music files such as internal storage/SD card/U disk/hard disk/card reader, making it an ideal choice for a vast music library.

Multiple Audio Output Options

The DAP17 supports three kinds of digital audio output options, including USB, S/PDIF, and I²S. It also supports RCA single-ended and XLR balanced analog output and dual analog output Pre and Line Ont. The device supports DSD512, making it a perfect choice for high-definition sound output.

Advanced Processor and Display

The DAP17 audio player is equipped with a Qualcomm SDM660 octa-core processor and a 5-inch full HD 1920x1080 TFT display that supports touch remote control. The device comes with an independent digital and analog power supply, optimized signal-to-noise ratio, and professional audio DAC decoder chip ES9028PRO. The eight-channel design supports peak DSD512 and PCM768kHz/32bit decoding, ensuring high-definition sound output.

Premium Audio Components

The DAP17 audio player uses the femtosecond-level audio dedicated master clock to reduce the time base jitter generated in the transmission and processing of digital audio signals to ensure clean output of audio signals. Additionally, the device is equipped with high-precision performance operational amplifiers and self-developed high-quality power transformers.

Pricing and Availability

The DAP17 audio player is available across mainland China at a unified retail price of 12,980 yuan. With its advanced features, the DAP17 is expected to be a popular choice among music enthusiasts who seek high-fidelity audio equipment for a top-notch music experience.

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