CHERRY Launches New UM Series Condenser Microphones

CHERRY, the renowned peripheral brand, has launched a new series of condenser microphones for streaming media and office use. The UM series condenser microphones consist of three products: UM 3.0, UM 6.0 ADVANCED, and UM 9.0 PRO RGB, each designed for specific use cases.

UM 3.0 - An Affordable Option for Home Use

The UM 3.0 is an entry-level microphone designed for home use, video conferencing, podcasting, and voiceovers. It features a cardioid pickup method, which provides clear sound quality. The UM 3.0 supports 96KHz, 24bit sampling rate, and bit rate. The microphone is priced at $69.99 and is an affordable option for those who are just starting their streaming or podcasting journey.

UM 6.0 ADVANCED - Professional Recording Made Easy

The UM 6.0 ADVANCED is a professional-grade microphone that is easy to carry and use. It features both cardioid and omnidirectional pickups and a 192KHz, 24bit sampling rate and bit rate. It is equipped with a buffer base to prevent sound distortion caused by vibration. The sensitivity of the microphone can be controlled directly on the microphone through the gain control, making it easy to adjust according to the environment. The UM 6.0 ADVANCED is priced at $89.99.

UM 9.0 PRO RGB - Versatile Microphone with Customizable RGB Lighting

The UM 9.0 PRO RGB is the most versatile microphone in the series, offering four pickup methods: cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo. It also features a 192KHz, 24bit sampling rate and bit rate, and a shock-absorbing buffer base. The microphone's standout feature is the customizable RGB backlight that can be personalized to provide a suitable atmosphere for recording. The UM 9.0 PRO RGB is priced at $119.99.

Accessories - UM Pop Filter, MA 3.0 Arm Mount, and MA 6.0 USB Extension Arm Mount

In addition to the microphones, CHERRY also released three accessories to complement them. The UM Pop Filter helps reduce unwanted noise and improves sound quality. The MA 3.0 Arm Mount is an adjustable aluminum mount that allows users to position the microphone to their liking. The MA 6.0 USB Extension Arm Mount provides two additional USB ports to charge other devices while streaming. The accessories are priced at $15.99, $59.99, and $99.99, respectively.

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