China's Photovoltaic Industry Breaks Records in 2022

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced that China's photovoltaic industry has reached a new high, with the total output value exceeding 1.4 trillion yuan in 2022. This year, the industry will continue to deepen supply-side structural reforms, accelerate industrial intelligent manufacturing and modernization, and strongly support the smooth progress of "carbon peak carbon neutrality".

Continuous Growth in Industrial Scale

According to the industry norms and calculation of the industry association, the output of all links in the photovoltaic industry chain has hit a record high in 2022. The national output of polysilicon, silicon wafers, batteries, and modules has reached 827,000 tons, 357GW, 318GW, and 288.7GW, respectively, with both increasing by over 55%. The total output value of the industry has exceeded RMB 1.4 trillion.

Accelerated Technological Innovation

In 2022, the level of technological innovation has accelerated, with P-type PERC cells produced by domestic mainstream enterprises reaching an average conversion efficiency of 23.2%. The mass production of N-type TOPCon cells has begun to take shape, with an average conversion efficiency of 24.5%. The mass production of HJT cells will accelerate, and the conversion efficiency of silicon heterojunction solar cells has created a new world record of 26.81%. Additionally, new breakthroughs have been made in the research and development and pilot tests of perovskite and laminated batteries.

Initial Results of Smart Photovoltaics

The integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology and the photovoltaic industry is accelerating, with the list of the third batch of smart photovoltaic pilot demonstration projects expanding. The level of scheduling and solar-storage integration has been effectively improved.

Expansion in Market Application

In 2022, the construction of large domestic photovoltaic bases and the application of distributed photovoltaics will steadily increase, with newly installed domestic photovoltaic capacity exceeding 87GW. Additionally, the annual export of photovoltaic products has exceeded 51.2 billion U.S. dollars, with the export of photovoltaic modules exceeding 153GW, effectively supporting domestic and foreign photovoltaic market growth and global new energy demand.

Impact on "Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality"

China's photovoltaic industry is strongly supporting the smooth progress of "carbon peak carbon neutrality". The industry is a crucial component in China's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. The growth in the industry's output and technological innovation has contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainable development and a greener future.

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