Chipsea Technology's BLE 5.0 SoC Chip Receives OpenHarmony Ecological Product Compatibility Certificate

Chipsea Technology, a silver donor of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, has announced that its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 SoC chip, CST92F30, has received the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificate. This certificate will help terminal brand manufacturers complete OpenHarmony certification of terminal products faster and provide turnkey access services. The chip is developed for the Internet of Things market and has passed the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certification.

Features of Chipsea Technology's CST92F30 Chip

The highly integrated and ultra-low power consumption CST92F30 SoC chip has obtained BQB certification from SIG (Bluetooth Technology Alliance). BLE 5.0 increases the transmission distance by four times, the transmission speed by two times, and the broadcast data transmission volume by eight times on the basis of the low power consumption characteristics of the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2. The CST92F30 product is based on the BLE 5.0 protocol stack. The maximum Bluetooth receiver sensitivity can reach -97dbm@BLE 1Mbps, and the maximum transmit power can reach 10dbm, which can maintain super reliable signal stability in harsh communication environments. The chip also supports the expansion of long-packet communication to meet the high-efficiency connection of long-distance range.

Chipsea Technology CST92F30 Chip: Ideal for IoT Market

Chipsea Technology's CST92F30 chip is based on ARM Cortex-M0 core and supports up to 48Mhz operating frequency. The chip has a built-in 512KB Flash, 138KB SRAM, integrated 2UART, 2SPI, 1I2C, 6PWM, 612-bit ADC, 4DMA, and 20 GPIOs. It can meet the operating temperature of industrial-grade -40°C to 105°C. The chip has already been applied in end products such as consumer electronics products, smart wearables, smart homes, and industrial Internet of Things.

OpenHarmony: Building a Digital Base for Intelligent Terminal Operating Systems

The OpenHarmony ecosystem aims to face the era of full-scenario, full-connection, and all-intelligence. Based on the open-source method, it is committed to building a digital base for intelligent terminal operating systems for thousands of industries and promoting the prosperity and development of the Internet of Everything industry. OpenHarmony is fully implemented in consumer electronics, smart homes, education, industry, and many other industries.

Chipsea Technology's CST92F30 chip is a significant addition to the OpenHarmony ecosystem, providing an ultra-low power consumption and highly integrated chip for the IoT market. The certification will enable terminal brand manufacturers to complete the OpenHarmony certification of terminal products faster and provide turnkey access services.

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