Colorful unveils the latest Tomahawk memory stick with high-frequency and large capacity

Colorful, the leading manufacturer of computer hardware, has recently launched a new Tomahawk memory stick with high frequency and large capacity. The DDR4-4000 memory stick is available in 16G*2 capacity and starts at an affordable price of 599 yuan.

New design and improved appearance

The latest Tomahawk memory stick by Colorful comes with an optimized appearance and design language. The sharp and angular design is visually impactful and gives a fresh look to the memory stick. The new design makes it stand out from other similar products in the market.

Advanced parameters for efficient performance

The Colorful Tomahawk DDR4-4000 memory timing is CL19 and has a working voltage of 1.4V. The memory stick has been designed to offer high-speed and efficient performance for gamers, content creators, and other computer users. The advanced parameters of the memory stick make it perfect for people who need high-end performance from their computer.

Affordable prices for large capacity

Colorful has priced the Tomahawk DDR4-4000 memory stick very affordably for its customers. The 8GB2 variant is priced at 349 yuan, while the 16GB2 variant starts at 599 yuan. The large capacity and high-frequency performance make it an ideal choice for people who need fast and reliable memory for their computer.

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