Corsair Launches First 48GB Single DDR5 Non-Binary Memory

Corsair, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware components and peripherals, has launched the first 48GB single DDR5-5600 memory. This new non-binary memory offers a range of capacities including 24GB and 48GB, providing the memory required by users more efficiently.

Pricing and Availability

The 48GB2 RGB set is priced at 3999 yuan, while the Avenger D5 24G2 is priced at 2599 yuan, the Avenger D5 RGB 24G2 at 2999 yuan, the Avenger D5 48G2 at 3799 yuan, and the Avenger D5 RGB 48G*2 at 3999 yuan.

Advancements in Flexible Capacity Memory Support

Not long ago, MSI and other motherboard manufacturers announced that they will provide flexible capacity memory support for their Intel 600-series and 700-series motherboards, such as single 48GB and 24GB DDR5 non-binary memory. This means that the maximum memory capacity supported by 4 DIMM motherboards is increased to 192GB, and the maximum memory capacity supported by 2 DIMM motherboards is increased to 96GB.

Understanding Non-Binary Memory

According to MSI, non-binary memory uses 24Gb (gigabit) DRAM chips instead of the current standard 16Gb modules. If 20 24Gb DRAM chips are installed on DIMM, after considering the capacity of ECC and metadata, 48GB of available memory can be obtained. Using non-binary memory does not seem to have any disadvantages at present, but it can provide the memory required by users more efficiently.

Implications for the Future of Memory

The launch of the first 48GB single DDR5 non-binary memory by Corsair represents a major step forward for the computer hardware industry. The higher capacity and more efficient memory offered by non-binary memory will likely become the new standard in the near future. This advancement will provide users with more options and capabilities, allowing them to push the boundaries of their computer systems.

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