Cosina to Launch Four New Voigtlander Lenses at CP+2023

Japan-based Cosina is set to launch four new Voigtlander lenses at the CP+2023 event. These lenses are designed to be compatible with Canon RF, Fuji X, and DSLR mounts. The company has confirmed that the Canon RF mount lens has been officially authorized by Canon. It will come with electronic contacts that can transmit EXIF information and supports internal correction, but only supports manual focus.

New Voigtlander Lens for Canon RF

The first of the four lenses will be a new RF mount lens that comes with electronic contacts. This will be the first-ever Voigtlander lens that will be designed to be compatible with Canon RF. This lens will be ideal for photographers who own Canon RF mount cameras and are looking for high-quality lenses.

Smaller and Faster Fuji X-mount Lenses

The next two lenses will be designed to be smaller and faster for Fuji X-mount cameras. These lenses are expected to be lightweight and compact, making them perfect for street photographers who are always on the move. With faster apertures, these lenses will also be ideal for low-light shooting.

Large Aperture SLR SLR Mount Lens

The fourth lens will be a large aperture SLR SLR mount lens. This lens is designed to be used with DSLR cameras, and it is expected to be ideal for photographers who want to capture portraits or landscapes. With a large aperture, this lens will be able to capture more light, resulting in better image quality.

No Detailed Information Yet

While the lenses have been confirmed, there is still no detailed information available about them. Cosina has not revealed any specifications or prices for these lenses, so it is still unclear when they will be available for purchase. However, more information is expected to be revealed during the CP+2023 event.

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