Garmin releases Beta 25.00 update

Garmin, a leading technology company, has released the Beta 25.00 update for its Fenix ​​6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta series of smartwatches. This update is a release candidate version that aims to fix several issues and improve the overall user experience.

Fixes and improvements

The Beta 25.00 update primarily focuses on fixing issues that were present in the previous version of the firmware. One of the significant problems that the update fixes is the issue that caused the CIQ application to not work correctly. This issue caused inconvenience for many users who relied on the CIQ application for various functions.

The update also introduces new features and improvements. The firmware now supports Connect IQ System 6, and users can extend the device's battery life by switching the PulseOx setting to manual. Additionally, the treadmill pace algorithm has been improved, and there are fixes for widget mismatch issues.

Another notable improvement is the backcountry skiing and snowboarding activities' automatic detection of the climb, descent, and transition times. This feature is particularly useful for users who enjoy these activities.

Beta program participation

Fenix ​​6, Enduro, Marq, Quatix 6, and Tactix Delta smartwatches that are part of the Beta program can download the Beta 25.00 update. The Beta program is a testing phase where users can test and provide feedback on the new firmware before its official release.

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