Google Re-Writes Android 14's Settings App Using Jetpack Compose

Google, the tech giant, is in the process of rewriting the Android 14 settings app, code-named "Spa", using Jetpack Compose. This is a declarative and responsive UI framework that allows developers to create designs declaratively. Jetpack Compose was launched in 2019 and since then, Google has been encouraging developers to use it in Android apps. In addition, Google has refactored its Play Store app store using Jetpack Compose.

Refactoring Android 14's Settings App

According to the latest findings from foreign media 9To5Google, Google is using Jetpack Compose to gradually rewrite the Android 14 settings app. Some pages have already been refactored, including pages related to apps, notifications, and language preferences. The use of Jetpack Compose is expected to extend to other pages and settings in the app.

Jetpack Compose: A Declarative and Responsive UI Framework

Jetpack Compose is a writing method for developing native Android applications using Kotlin. It abandons the conventional XML-based View to design application UIs, but lets developers create designs declaratively. Jetpack Compose is a declarative and responsive UI framework. Its writing method is similar to the web framework Flutter and is relatively simple to write. It is the main development framework promoted by Google, and Android 14 and subsequent systems are expected to continue to develop and extend the reach of Jetpack Compose.

Android 14 Developer Preview

The first developer preview of Android 14 (Developer Preview) was launched on February 9, 2023. The preview comes with enhanced support for devices of various screen sizes, with a focus on tablets and foldable devices, as well as a series of detailed improvements. The preview release includes a new app for managing settings and preferences, which will be gradually refactored using Jetpack Compose.

Implications of the Refactoring

The refactoring of the Android 14 settings app using Jetpack Compose is expected to result in a better user experience. The new design will be more responsive and will provide a better user interface. Developers will be able to create better apps using Jetpack Compose, which will enable them to create designs declaratively. The refactoring will also make it easier for developers to create apps that are optimized for tablets and foldable devices.

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