Google's Pixel Fold is heavier than Samsung's Galaxy Fold 4

Google's first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, is set to release sometime this year, and it seems that it has both advantages and disadvantages compared to its competitors. One of the most notable features of the Pixel Fold is its weight, which is heavier than its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4. However, it also has the largest battery capacity seen in a foldable phone so far. Here's what we know about the Pixel Fold:

Design and Size

The Pixel Fold will be similar in style to the OPPO Find N2, according to leaked renderings. It will be about 140mm tall, just like the Find N2, but will be wider, at almost 80mm. It will also be heavier than the Z Fold 4, Surface Duo, and OPPO Find N, at 263 grams.

Battery Capacity

The Pixel Fold's battery capacity has not been officially announced, but sources suggest that it will be close to the OPPO Find N2's 4520 mAh battery. This makes it the largest battery seen in a foldable phone so far. The battery life of current foldable devices has been poor, so a larger battery capacity could be a significant advantage for the Pixel Fold.

Competitive Advantage

While the Pixel Fold's weight and size may be a disadvantage, its biggest competitive advantage could be its software. Google is known for its user-friendly and intuitive software, and the Pixel Fold is likely to have the same level of software integration and optimization. This could make the Pixel Fold a more user-friendly device than its competitors, which may have a significant impact on sales.

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